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mcbarg Mid Cornwall Beacon and Repeater Group Locator IO 70 OJ Hensbarrow Downs St Austell Cornwall


GB3HB is a Dual Mode repeater with access for either

C4FM or F3E but not cross mode.

C4FM has no end of over ident, F3E uses the G8CUL logic access with 1750hz tone burst or 77hz sub tone, the repeater idents only on F3E for end of over and beacons at 15 minute intervals.

The repeater encodes the TX, F3E users should use full CTCSS to mute the C4FM digital signal, the repeater has a 5 minute timeout.

The repeater input is on 434.9750 Mhz and the output is on 433.3750 Mhz. The repeater uses a Diamond X200 antenna with a gain of 6dB. The antenna is fixed near the top of our 100’ mast which is 1000’ asl on Hensbarrow Downs in the St Austell Clay district.

GB3HB runs about 5 watts with an ERP of about 12 watts. The mcbarg maintain the equipment and the NoV holder is Mike G4WVD.

GB3HB has a useful coverage in Mid Cornwall and makes

for an excellent communication mode when the 2 metre

repeater is in use for mobile traffic or Echolink.


GB3NQ is the amateur fast scan television repeater

for Mid Cornwall. It is based upon the 23cm Comtech modules. The receiver inputs are set to 437Mhz & 1249 Mhz and this at present is fed with the receive signal from an omni directional antennae. The transmitter uses a Comtech 23cm module to drive two 16 watt GH engineering bricks amplifiers.

The 1316Mhz output is fed through Andrews heliax to a omni directional Lantern antenna fitted at the top of our 100’ mast. GB3NQ is an analogue repeater which also has a digital input from a 70cm DVB-S receiver. To access it via 70cm transmit on 437Mhz 2MS/s and any valid FEC (1/2, 3/4, 5/6, & 7/8).

To access GB3NQ a standard signal of 625 line standard is required with sync pulses to latch the repeater. There is no time out but on dropped carrier the repeater will send a “K”. The “K” will stay on screen for a long time to allow stations to align their equipment. It is possible to resume transmission whilst in the “K” mode. The repeater will send its ident at 15 minute intervals. To save power GB3NQ is off over night from 22:00 hours and back on At 10:00 hours. During this time it will beacon for 3 minutes and then return to RX only for 7 minutes to reduce its power consumption.

ATV is fun and a chance to home brew much of the equipment and to use many different AV sources as input. Why not take the invitation and look into the other man’s shack, so much more fun. The mcbarg maintain GB3NQ and the NoV holder is Paul G6MNJ.

Click Testcard for Live TV

The Yaesu DR-1X  2 metre repeater GB3NC may be accessed with a CTCSS tone of 77 Hz or a 1750 Hz tone burst. A few seconds of voice will latch GB3NC but do allow the 2nd “K” to permit possible Echolink traffic before resuming the QSO. The repeater Input is on 145.125 Mhz and the output is on 145.725 Mhz.

The repeater uses a high gain Hustler antenna with a

gain of 7dB. The antenna is fixed atop our 100’ mast

which is at 1000’ asl on Hensbarrow Downs.

GB3NC runs about 10 watts with an ERP of about 25 watts.The mcbarg maintain the equipment and the NoV holder is Mike G4WVD . Echolink is available, hosted by Roger G4OCO and the node number is 282184.

GB3NC is our primary repeater for mobiles around the

county of Cornwall. We host the RSGB news on Sunday morning at 09:30 hours with a roundup afterwards.