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The Mid Cornwall Beacon and

Repeater Group provide radio

facilities for the use of radio

amateurs and shortwave

listeners across the county.

The group is run by volunteers

and is funded from donations

received from users of the

facilities provided.


and six GB3MCB beacons from 50Mhz to 10Ghz

Our 100 ft Mast at Hensbarrow Downs.

Your donation today will help to keep us on air tomorrow


GB3NC - New Repeater Under Test!

Our new 2 metre repeater GB3NC started live tests today 23-02-2016, initial reports suggest the audio clarity is much improved as is its range. Thanks to all those below for their kind donations that made this new repeater possible.

Currently the repeater is FM only but there are plans later this year to enable Digital input to the unit.

Thank you to:-


Pledges received with thanks from :- G3MCD - Keith, G0VDU - John, G6MNJ - Paul, G6CEP - Frank, G7KFQ - Nick, VE7SOA - Bill, G0MWW - Clifford, M0PCM - John, G0KTD - Keith, G4ELI - Simon, G3XNE - Art, G8ZYR - Phil, G8BWP - Fred, G4JBE - David, G8NXD - Mike, M3XOA - Ted, G0FVG - Peter, G6MCJ - Steve, G4KAW - Brian, G4BHD - Trevor, G3UCQ - John, G4POT - David, G0RQL - Don, M0DKI - Ross, M0HQV - George, G7TRM - Keith, G7HHW - Greg, G8BCG - Peter, G8VRO - Roy, G4SCY - Philip, M3XTM - Terry, M6FVC - Gerry, M6RIU - Roger, M3YTU - Justin, G0KDY - Adam, 2E0BUS - Mel, 2E0DSI - David.

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