GB3NC Service area covers

most of Mid Cornwall from

our Hensbarrow location.


Input on 145.125 MHz

Output on 145.725 MHz

CTCSS tone 77 Hz.

GB3NC is also on Echolink

and it is recommended that

stations wait for the second

Pip to allow echolink to

respond and others to break

in on a QSO.

We also believe that Mobiles

should be granted priority

over fixed stations

The Yaesu DR-1X  2 metre repeater GB3NC may be accessed with a CTCSS tone of 77 Hz or a 1750 Hz tone burst. A few seconds of voice will latch GB3NC but do allow the 2nd “T” to permit possible Echolink traffic before resuming the QSO. The repeater Input is on 145.125 Mhz and the output is on 145.725 Mhz.

The repeater uses a high gain Hustler antenna with a gain of 7dB. The antenna is fixed atop our 100’ (33m) mast which is at 1000’ (300m) asl on Hensbarrow Downs.

GB3NC runs at about 10 watts with an ERP of about 25 watts.The mcbarg maintain the equipment and the NoV holder is Mike Bundy G4WVD . Echolink is available, hosted by Roger Gregory G4OCO and the node number is 282184. GB3NC is our primary repeater for mobiles around the county of Cornwall. We host the RSGB news on Sunday morning at 09:30 hours with a roundup for reports afterwards.

GB3HB is a Dual Mode repeater with access for either C4FM or F3E but not cross mode.

C4FM has no end of over ident, F3E uses the G8CUL logic access with 1750hz tone burst or 77hz sub tone, the repeater idents only on F3E for end of over and beacons at 15 minute intervals.The repeater encodes the TX, F3E users should use full CTCSS to mute the C4FM digital signal, the repeater has a 5 minute timeout.

The repeater input is on 434.9750 Mhz and the output is on 433.3750 Mhz. The repeater uses a Diamond X200 antenna with a gain of 6dB. The antenna is fixed near the top of our 100’ mast which is 1000’ asl on Hensbarrow Downs in the St Austell Clay district.

GB3HB runs about 5 watts with an ERP of about 12 watts. The mcbarg maintain the equipment and the repeater keeper NoV holder is Mike Bundy G4WVD.


The ATV Repeater NoV Holder is Paul G6MNJ.Paul is a keen ATVer and has provided much of the hardware that enables Stations to transmit and receive television pictures using the 23cm band or for digital operation the 70cm Band for input only.

Stations using GB3NQ may use relatively cheap 23cm transmitters and receivers. The input frequency is 1249 MHz and the output 1316 MHz. Although GB3NQ has audio through, stations often use talkback on the 2 metre frequency of 144.750 MHz.

Keeper/NoV holder:



2M    (RV58)) 

Output frequency:  

145.7250  MHz 

Receive Frequency

145.1250  MHz

This repeater is currently configured for FM analogue voice only. To access use the CTCSS tone of  77  Hz.

and 1750 Hz tone burst.And

Keeper/NoV holder:



70CM    (Rb15)) 

Output frequency:  

433.3750  MHz 

Receive Frequency

434.9750  MHz

This is a multi-mode DIGITAL VOICE repeater.
This repeater also has  ANALOGUE VOICE  capability [CTCSS tone is  77  Hz]

This Digital Repeater has  C4FM/FUSION capability.

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